"Kayla has done my hair and make up for two separate occasions now, one being for my wedding, and the other for maternity pictures. Both time she has been amazing and even made it convenient by coming to me to help me get ready. Beautiful work!" -Tina F

  The day has come. You wake up early to be greeted by your family and friends of beautiful bridesmaids, each one unique in their own way.  You all gush about how exited you all are that you will be taking this new step into marriage to your one and only groom. 
 Soon enough I arrive, hair and makeup kit in tow. I select an elegant, glowing look for each of your maids. For you we decide to bring all attention to your piercing eyes, glamming you up just enough to say "I'm the one and only." You still feel yourself...just a little more special than any other day before. Everyone has always seen this beauty in you...and now you do too.  Now you're ready. You better get going, for your groom awaits!  

Want to look beautiful in your wedding photos?
Meet Kayla Borum Beauty

See my work on the cover of the fall 2022 
KC Engaged Magazine & January 2023 cover of Altar+After Magazine!

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